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We help people elevate their happiness.

From wellness to lifestyle, Cannaby creates elegant, premium CBD products with a health focus. We build a community around the use of CBD for the health and wellbeing of all regardless of gender or age.

Whether you're a beginner or have already incorporated it into your daily routine, there is always something new to learn.

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All of the Harmony line of products are third-party lab tested by an ISO certified lab.


We strongly believe in lab testing each batch and providing those tests to anyone upon request.


One of the driving forces for the founding of Harmony was the genuine desire to help others.

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CBD Products

Hemp is an excellent source of low-cost CBD

Softgels offer a convenient, precise and discrete dosing solution for those interested in consuming their cannabis in pill form. Our Softgels are currently available in a variety of concentrations, from micro to full doses, with more to come.

Using high-quality inputs, we produce cannabis extracts using state-of-the art supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technology. This process extracts the major cannabinoids (CBD), as well as the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that contribute to the overall medicinal value of medical cannabis, resulting in a highly concentrated resin which can then be dissolved in a food oil carrier to comply with government regulations and to make it easier to administer orally. We produce cannabis oil products with different ratios of CBD in order to meet the unique medical needs of our customers.

We are releasing a line of high-quality, edible cannabis products. Our facility is producing cannabis-infused chocolate and gummy. More edibles will roll out in the months and years ahead.

We have developed a proprietary process that distills the whole cannabis plant into a clear liquid. We are using this liquid as an active ingredient in a wide variety of CBD beverages, offering consumers an alternative to traditional drinks.

Quality leads to satisfaction. Satisfaction leads to trust.

Latest Posts

UN commission reclassifies cannabis, yet still considered harmful

UN commission reclassifies cannabis, yet still considered harmful

The 53 Member States of the CND, the UN’s central drug policy-making body, voted to remove cannabis from that Schedule – where it had been placed for 59 years –  and to which the strictest control measures apply, that generally discouraged its use for medical purposes. 

Why Legalized Marijuana (Finally) Has a Chance in New York

Why Legalized Marijuana (Finally) Has a Chance in New York

After years of fits and starts, the legalization of marijuana in New York is most likely in the cards for 2021, given the financial woes spurred by the pandemic.

Biden Administration Has Some Cannabis Professionals Feeling Hopeful But Cautious

Biden Administration Has Some Cannabis Professionals Feeling Hopeful But Cautious

From reactivating stalled cannabis reform laws, such as the MORE Act, which decriminalizes marijuana, to making federal legalization a reality, there is hope that the new Biden/Harris administration coupled with a Democrat-controlled Congress, could perhaps herald an era of promise and progression for the sector.